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Slip & Fall Accident

A slip-and-fall incident, characterized by a sudden loss of footing or stumble leading to a fall, can occur in various environments, presenting challenges in investigation and legal proceedings. These accidents may result from factors like slippery surfaces or poorly lit staircases, happening on the same level, between levels, or across multiple levels like stairs test.

Slip & Fall Accident

Slip and Fall Accident Overview

Such incidents are widespread causes of injuries, occurring in diverse settings such as driveways, sidewalks, parks, schools, businesses, offices, construction sites, nursing homes, and various other locations.

Reasons Slip and Fall Accidents Occur

Slip and fall incidents can stem from various factors, reflecting the diverse environments where mishaps take place. These scenarios include:

·        Damaged flooring (e.g., torn carpeting, surfaces with potholes or cracks)

·        Absence of safety features like handrails on staircases

·        Liquid spills

·        Tracked-in rain, snow, or ice within buildings

·        Uneven or unstable floor surfaces

·        Changes in traction

·        Inappropriate footwear

·        Inadequate hazard signage

·        Cluttered floors

·        Insufficient lighting

·        Lack of employee training

·        Employer non-compliance with workplace safety standards

·        Factors like age or illnesses impacting balance

Nursing homes and construction sites are notably susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents, representing a primary cause of fatalities among individuals aged 65 and older. OSHA identifies them as one of the "fatal four" leading causes of workplace deaths in the nation.

Evidence for Slip and Fall Accidents

To substantiate a slip-and-fall incident, acquiring evidence is crucial. This includes:

·        Video or photographic evidence of the accident

·        Medical treatment records detailing injuries

·        Maintenance or service logs related to flooring or installations requiring repair

·        Evaluation by an economics expert regarding lost income (where applicable)

·        Estimates of other losses or damages incurred due to the slip and fall incident

Once evidence is gathered, our legal team collaboratively constructs your case, aiming for settlements outside the courtroom. In instances where severe injuries disrupt your life, slip-and-fall cases might proceed to court, and we are fully prepared to represent you and pursue compensation on your behalf.

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